Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello every one. I'm sure you have all missed me, But I have been busy out in life. I have been doing things and getting married. It has been over a year sense I have written last. On January 8th 2011 I got to marry the most beautiful, wonderful, most perfect wife in the whole wide world.

This is my ALL time favorite picture of us at the temple.

I will be better at blogging, Because it is fun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My movie experience

Last night i went with my mom to see "new moon". While i was in there, there were some really rude people. There was this one guy who was shaking a bag as loud as he could. it made me really upset. I was looking at amazon and they have discussion boad. On there i saw the rule in the movie theater. It said: "The single most important rule when in a movie theater is: Be as invisible as humanly possible to the other people in the theater. If just one person is more aware of your existence than they should be, you've failed and should be asked to leave." I thought it was so funny. It is so true. I also saw new dogs at mid night. Holy Cow that was such a funny movie. ha ha def go see it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

JK wedding entrance vs. The office wedding entrance

I was at the halloween dance and they played this song. it made me think of this!!

This is the JK one above but i like the office better, below!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Halloween Costume

I was thinking a while back: "what do i want to be for Halloween"? Then i got hit with a really great idea!! I thought of the cool mac book comericals:

And i thought I could be a mac... so i made a super awesome tee shirt with some spray paint.This is the front:

and this is the back:

Im way excited for Haloween!!!! I might dye my hair jet black! what does everyone think of that?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My shoe update!!!

It has been another pretty good day. To start the day off I had typing class today. O holy cow that class is such a head ach!!! I could not focus very well at all today. In that class I am going to get the grade I truly deserve. I am a better typist but not much. Anyway I contacted the shoe people and asked them if my order got canceled. They told me that my order has not been canceled and it even shipped today, that makes me pretty excited. I need to spend less money. I am the worst, I see something stupid out of the corner of my eye and i think "wow that is so cool, how can I live my life with out that?!?!!" I hate that and i want to be better.Does anyone have any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another day, another doll hair!!!

I had another great day!!!! ha ha it turns out that after I wrote my blog i was thinking about the color of shoes that I got. I wasn't really happy with the color of five fingers that i got so i went to the web site that i bought the shoes on. I was looking at how to cancell my order. I just sent them an email telling them that i needed to cancell it. Then I went to another site and I found the color that i wanted and orderer the color that i wanted. Then this morning I got two email one at 7:57 that said your order cannot be prossesed. Then the second one I got at 7:59 that said your order is now underway and will be shipped soon. I emailed them today just to clarify whats up. I don't know whats up. Lets just say that I'm not going to reorder.